Tuesday October 17th, 2017

Master students review. Looking beyond the edge of one’s own creative discipline

One of the principal reasons for applying for the Master Design and Media in Hannover, Germany, was that I wished to gain more knowledge about theoretical approaches to media sciences. In my previous bachelor study of photojournalism and documentary photography there was hardly no focus on such themes and the courses were mainly about developing a practical photographical authorship. Therefore I was pleased to find that such topics were included in the structure of the study program. The classes were well prepared and showed and interesting overview on different themes concerning the work with design, which encouraged me to dig deeper into these topics.

One year can be a short time for completing several courses and to meet the high expectations of a master thesis. Nevertheless it was very helpful to get individual support from the master tutors and professors, who were helpful at all times.

What I really enjoyed was the familiar atmosphere during the courses of study. Already during the beginning weeks all students got close to each other and friendships arose. This was also due to the small size of the study group. The result of the mixed group of students from different design disciplines helped to guarantee a dynamic of helpfulness and understanding. This is especially important in a master degree, where students from all different universities come together to spend just a short time which each other.

The variety of students from different study field helped to get to know other approaches on how to solve problems different from the ways proposed by once own design disciplin. This intensive master degree program helped me to obtain other perspectives on my study field and my further career related to design.

Felix Schledding