Tuesday July 10th, 2018

Presentations of the Master Students – Summer Semester 2018

The exhibition was completely set up, the microphones were ready to start and the lecture hall was well filled, because on July 2 and 3, 2018, eleven students of the Master’s programme in Design and Media presented the results of their master’s thesis. They spent ten months researching, condensing their topic from the shoulder-view to concept presentation and writing their master thesis.

The topics were just as varied as the exhibition stands of the students, which were to be visited last week in the atrium in front of the large lecture hall of Faculty III on the exhibition grounds. Each of the students presented the topic of his or her Master thesis, in keeping with his or her final presentation in the lecture hall, thus making the topic of the thesis perceptible.

Cockroaches could be seen as designers, product models and photographs and posters matching the theme. The second and last semester of the Master’s programme ended with the Master’s presentations – two semesters full of new acquaintances, insights, hard work on one’s own thesis and above all a lot of fun.

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