Wednesday October 4th, 2017

Wochenzettel 17,39:
About core capabilities and basic motivation

Grundmotivationen im MA-Studium Design und Medien in HannoverThe first leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and everyone knows: winter is coming. September came to an end and it was time for the students to draw back into the uni’s feel-at-home ‘master lab’ for the imminent subject media theory.

The final presentation of last year’s students gave first impressions of the still distant goal, our own Master thesis. Patiently, excited and a little nervous everybody could get a good overview of the challenges coming up within the next year.

Grundmotivationen erspüren - Master DMThe following week began with different theories from Ernst Cassirer to Walter Ong about different types of media and what ‘a medium’ is all about. It turned out that every medium needs a carrier which transmits information in a comprehensible code.

Even though the motivations were high, the question of personal motivation was discussed all the same. It turned out that if your basic motivations becomes unstable, your personal internal framework may very well get in danger of toppling over. The following weeks will tell how to handle personal doubts and to stay in the saddle.

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Sascha Burgdorf