Monday November 6th, 2017

Wochenzettel 17,44:
Future Vision: negate, reduce, specify

The first two digit number on the imaginary tear-off calendar of our masters degree: It’s the tenth week and like no other, it’s the week of future.

On Monday, future-oriented design was the focus of our media theory class. In the sixties and seventies many designs were created that are still part of today’s everyday life. Pioneering technical achievements, like the exploration of space had essential influence on the designers of that era.

Now we are the designers of the future. And like never before, we were confronted with the question which contribution our work will make to society 20 to 30 years from now.

Wednesday was about our personal future in 20 to 30 weeks: The “Schulterblick” was on our schedule – the first milestone for our master degree.

Everyone had to present what research results had been reached, which questions were still open and how the next steps may look like. Each time followed by a ten minute discussion for suggestions and critizsm.

No matter if you were at the beginning of an idea or whether you already had detailed plans – one of these three words were in everyone’s note pad: negate, reduce, specify. 
Because sharpness, identity and innovation were still missing on everyone’s designs. Even the more excited we were looking forward to the concept presentations on December, 12th.

That’s when we will present our final concepts – if all goes well. But on Wednesday evening, after a long day and twenty-five presentations, those were just sweet dreams for the future.

Julia Höhns