Monday November 12th, 2018

Wochenzettel 18/44 – A slow growing plant

“True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation. ” George Washington
“Friendship is a slow-growing plant. ” The friendship between the ISI Yogyakarta and the HS Hannover is growing, in the course of Design Thinking Workshops for five years. This year, during the last days, professor Ivada, Adin and Doni from the Institute Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta were guests in Hannover. They enriched us with interesting lectures, workshops in drawing and the art of batik.

Nevertheless, the seriousness of life went on and the week began with a knowledgeable introduction to “The Future of Communication” with Prof. Dr Martin. Scholz with questions like “What are the reasons why design is changing? How will poster walls of the future look like and how life will be on future farms? Once again we became aware that in every design piece there is an expression of the present but also a piece of the future. Design intervenes in the lives of the users and we as designers bear the responsibility for it. We got a “preview of tomorrow’s world” where the smile seemed to freeze on our lips.

On Tuesday we discussed the difference between sympathy and empathy with Meike Seidel and started into the theory of conversation. We were also reminded that we would very soon have to present our masterpiece in a „Zwischenpräsentation“, but these thoughts were quickly replaced by the exciting workshops and lectures of the guests. After the entry of the “Indonesian Creative Industry in Yogyakarta” from Ivada we were thrown into the cold water of drawing by Dony at a drawing workshop. Many of us had used our hands during the last few weeks more to read books than to draw and so we had to find our way back into the topic. New techniques were tried out and patience was practised.

We had Wednesday to relax because of the Reformation Day and then on Thursday, we started the Tie-Dye Workshop. We had the opportunity to colour scarves with natural colours mixed from local ingredients and to immortalise patterns in them using batik techniques. The result is interesting works of art, improvised masterworks and a great memory of the eventful week with the guests from Indonesia. For drying, we have hung up the cloths distributed throughout the entire master laboratory, without regard to losses – or to people who may have booked the room after us for their events. Indonesian biscuits and nougat were exchanged and arranged for 19:00 in Linden, for a “farewell-evening made by students”.

We Master Students would like to say thank you for this exciting week. The lectures, the drawing and the batik have brought us into another world and we hope that the friendship between Yogyakarta and Hanover will continue to grow and prosper in us and the following Master generations.

P. S. Now we have to use the weekend because we will be completely busy next week. Monday to Wednesday in the master laboratory and Thursday and Friday in the lecture hall at the symposium “Designing. Learning. Gestalten. “!