Wednesday December 19th, 2018

Wochenzettel 18/48: Lena Lab Aftermath – but: Christmas holidays in sight

Slowly but surely a contemplative mood is emerging in the Master Design und Medien. Nevertheless, you can see the little master-elves working at every nook and cranny!

Some of us are still tired from the Lean Lab workshop on the last weekend. It is an event in which a business idea made ready for the market within 48 hours. This means little sleep and very intensive work for the various teams. The workshop started on Friday with pizza and a nice get together of all participants. All of them came from different disciplines like business administration, IT or Design. Later in the evening, almost 40 ideas were pitched, and a vote was held to decide which of the ideas are developed on this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday there was time to work on the ideas in teams. The teams received active support from Nexster, Hannover Impuls and various coaches from the local startup scene. On Sunday afternoon it was finally time for the elaborated business models to be presented to a jury of experts! It was a very interesting experience and a good opportunity to establish new contacts.

Many thanks especially to the Lean Lab team, Ümit Konuray for his unique moderation and of course to all participants, without whom it would not have been half as much fun.

After this rather exhausting weekend, it was a welcome change that our week consisted of only one course with Friedrich Weltzin. In this course, Aesthetics 2, we can listen to two new lectures every week, with mostly post humanistic topics. The texts of this week were written by Gilles Deleuze/Félix Guattari (Thousand Plateaus becoming-animal) and Steve Baker (Artist/Animal).

On Thursday there was the Christmas party of the Faculty III. As always you could find there a small buffet, beer for small, student prices and the obligatory electric DJ. This Christmas party heralded the final spurt until the Christmas holidays.

I wish you a merry Christmas season and some relaxing days!

Vanessa Klingebiel