Tuesday January 23rd, 2018

Wochenzettel 18,3:
Deadline, Produktivität und Ende der Prokrastination

Monday 15 January 2018,23:59 hrs: Final deadline for submission of the media theory paper – Deadline. The end is in sight and the prokrastination changed into productivity with the delivery date in sight.

The apartment is probably spotlessly cleaned, weekly shopping is done, the ‘student investments’ or deposit bottles have finally found their way into the vending machines, the Prokrastination has reached its climax and the paper has to be handed in. Those who only started writing their homework at the weekend had sleepless nights ahead of them. Always with you a nice, hot cup of coffee – or maybe 5-8 cups?!

Deadline droht! Hochschule Hannover, Master-Studium Medien & Design
The last spelling mistakes have been corrected, the bibliography formatted, because ‘punctuation marks are not negotiable!’ (Scholz 2017). The cover sheet is properly marked with name, matriculation number and title of the paper, PDF export is in progress, subject of the mail ‘Submission of paper’ is typed.

Hopefully the Internet will not go on strike now! Dramatic scenes that might have taken place at 24 desks of 24 Master students at the same time. Let’s be honest: the more often you read your own texts and talk to your fellow students about them, the more you notice what you can change.

Click on ‘Send’, the mail disappears in the outbox and the new week starts with the finished and delivered paper – relief is spreading.

This week there were no events yet, but we met on Tuesday evening for a cool drink to celebrate the finished assignment and thus the end of our first Master-Semester. A further step towards the next stage, the approaching master thesis and a good exercise to get into the writing flow.

Ende der ProkrastinationNext week we will start with the final presentations of our fellow students from the higher semester, as well as two other events. Would you like a little insight into our master lab and the upcoming master presentations? Then have a look at our Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/ma_designundmedien/

Jana Schäfer