Wednesday May 2nd, 2018

Wochenzettel 18,18:
The master degree – a strategy or a plan?

We are already used to the fact that things do not always go according to plan in the stressful daily routine of everyday life. Thus, the last courses of our master programme were moved back a week, when the writing of the master thesis should determine the daily routine. Not so bad after all, because it creates more time together – after almost 10 months fellow students have become good friends.

On top of that, we enjoyed one or two plastic cups full of sparkling wine and the moment was photographically recorded in front of the master lab.

MA Design und Medien Schlusswoche 2018But let’s take a look at the courses. The last 12 extract texts of various master theses were discussed on Wednesday. A procedure that is not always pleasant but in any case very helpful. Scientific work has to be learned, the devil lies in the details. And in the footnotes.

Thursday lesson was as expected to aspiring master graduates: Beside the explanation of the GANT diagram, the difference between strategy and planning was discussed as well as the general question, which kind of time planning is useful for a designer. Anyway, discussions have become our strength. So the last course ended with a revealing exchange of ideas about customer loyalty.

Still united in the photo, our group will be separated soon. 14 people will travel to Indonesia and have to deliver the master’s thesis earlier. The others have a little more time. Let’s hope that all their strategies come to an end.

Roman Vysotsky