Friday November 30th, 2018

Wochenzettel 18/47
The Future.

At the beginning of this week, in the seminar of Martin Scholz, we were able to get a first look into the future. On the basis of the texts we worked out, we discussed to what extent relationships will change in our future through the use of social media such as Facebook. Will we only have qualified friendships in the future because they are worth cash? The film shown in the seminar speculated about the future of work and also raises the question for us students what our professional future could look like. Will we have to fight for work or will we all have an “enviable” lifestyle as “happy” digital nomads? I’m selling my identity to be a part of the online community?

Or are our digital traces our identity? Many questions to which only in the future answers can be found. The weekly chair circle on Tuesday with Gudrun and Meike was unfortunately cancelled this week. With a view to the concept presentation on the next day, this additional day off was another good opportunity to prepare oneself in detail. And for all the students who had been sitting in front of empty presentation slides until then as a result of a successful repression (procrastination), this may also have been a happy coincidence.

But the missing seminar was well compensated by the very intensive preparation of the past weeks. The 1st and 2nd basic motivation for the Master was discussed again. Motivated and strengthened we were able to recall this self-confidence for the concept presentation on Wednesday.

The highlight of our master time so far has arrived. The concept presentation of our master thesis last Wednesday in the master laboratory. The increasing excitement, which this day brought with it, could not be reduced by the deliciously smelling popcorn and the cosy atmosphere. But being excited is also appropriate and justified. After all, it’s about something. We introduce what we have been working on so far and the rest of the master time. Some of us could already describe exactly what will be presented as a product at the end of the master and waited eagerly for the first reactions. The big questions WHY, HOW and WHAT ? (The Golden Circle – Simon Sinek) are tried to explain.

The rather reserved criticism of the professors was refuted by the direct feedback in the concept presentation, so that some minor discrepancies took place within the jury. The tension increased and one became aware again that seriousness had long since moved into the master laboratory.

“Get a grip! Concretize your process.
Even though many have succeeded in creating a picture of their thesis in their minds and to develop a feeling for where the journey is going, without exception in every critique of the appeal it swung to limit its topic in order to create a concrete process. Determine yourself! – It is about decisions. Hard but helpful.

With the last feedback round of the final presentation, much also at the same time the tension off and the long day, could be concluded with a deserved beer.
Cheers to all of us! Another step towards the Master has been taken.

Joanna Sabisch