Thursday September 14th, 2017

Weekly Notes 17,36:
New grounds. New values.

Starting the MA course "Design und Medien" at the Hochschule HannoverThat time has come again: September started and with it a batch of new master students was knocking on the door. The first week opened traditionally with the three-day Master-Campus. The positive anticipation was written on everyone’s face, the first weeks were a thrilling experience for all participants: a new ground.

A few games and tasks for the whole group helped breaking the ice and got the students into good and highly diverse discussions, which led into a great atmosphere over all. That way the first lessons of the upcoming year got taught in a excitingly playful way. Besides the examining of creative working, design thinking and the basics of communication the focus shifted to the search of our own values. To find them, define them and evaluate them eventually, led to another livid but controversial discussion.

A visit at the high rope course in the Eilenriede closed the week. It’s a long tradition and even though the weather wasn’t always in our favour, it couldn’t dampen the mood and everyone started this small adventure excited and highly motivated. Breaking your bounds and overcome your personal fears was of high priority. And solving problems as a group working hand in hand.

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Constantin Griese