Wednesday November 15th, 2017

Wochenzettel 17,45: Tips & Advice – Preparing the Concept Presentation

After the “Schulterblick” successfully completed, it was a start with mixed feelings into the new week. After all, the feedback we got from the presentations last week was already more or less digested, but some questions still came up. The respective events with the individual professors formed a good opportunity to receive a detailed feedback from the lecturers the last Wednesday. 

After the “Schulterblick” was so extensively reflected by Martin Scholz, we kept going with an animated exchange on previously elaborated texts by the students. Finally, two films built a basis for discussion, which dealt with alternative lifestyles. 

Hochschule Hannover Master Design und Medien

On Tuesday, Gunnar Spellmeyer then continued with a presentation about how to present. There, for example, the so-called AIDA model was mentioned, but also the importance of the core message in a presentation, and that it is presented briefly and to the point. 

The following day was the start for the seminar “Ästhetik 2”, which is headed by Friedrich Weltzien. The following weeks we will work with numerous texts about posthumanism. For this purpose, we divided into groups, in order to be able to work out the texts together. 

Overall, the students also received recommendations on what is favoured for the concept presentation in December. The individual work for our own master topic is now at the top of our to-do list in order to present further steps at the concept presentation (maybe according to the AIDA principle) in December. 

Agnes Anna Jaehne